Job site safety awareness, in general, is an important topic. It enables construction workers to not only understand the hazards associated with construction work, but to maintain a heightened awareness of the existence of those hazards and how to avoid them.

Many job-related injuries are often caused by not really thinking things through before we take on a job task. How often, when we find ourselves doing something a little bit different or unusual on our regular jobs, do we question the method and ask ourselves, “Am I thinking clearly?”


For example, do we pause and question ourselves when we…

  • use an extension cord or tool with a frayed cord or a missing ground prong?
  • try to lift something by ourselves when we should ask someone else to help us?
  • go up on the roof for “just a minute” without wearing our safety harness?
  • climb a ladder trying to carry more than we should by hand?
  • use a nail gun or power saw without wearing safety glasses?

Understandably, not every unsafe situation is covered by a safety rule or referenced in an OSHA regulation. Workers must pause and use intelligent common sense to reach a decision about their actions. The alternative may result in an accident to themselves or to someone else. If you seriously consider the consequences of your actions, very few of your actions will result in accidents!