The decision to hire a home remodeler can be intimidating. This section will give you the tools and inside information on finding, evaluating, hiring and working with a remodeler. Your home is your biggest investment, and the best way to protect it is by hiring an ethical, professional remodeler. Let’s get started!

Find a Professional
When you hire a remodeler, you are buying a service rather than a product. The quality of the service the remodeler provides will determine the quality of the finished product and your satisfaction.

Get a List: The first step to hiring a professional is to build a list of candidates, and flipping through the Yellow Pages is not the ideal method. Learn the best way to begin your search.

The Inside Scoop: Once you have your list of remodelers, how do you properly evaluate their credentials? Get the inside information on what to ask and look for in home contractors.

Evaluate References: You don’t want to just question the remodeler, but also learn first hand from the remodeler’s current and former customers. Learn what to ask references.

Make the Decision: Now you’ve done your homework and it’s time to choose. Get some final guidelines to evaluate your remodeler.

Work With a Professional
Since you’ve done the hard work of evaluating and hiring a professional, the next step is ensuring your home remodel goes smoothly.

Live with Your Remodel: The only thing left is the remodeling itself. Learn how to adapt to your home as a work site, communicate with your remodeler, and schedule your project for a smooth remodeling experience.

Prevent the Fever: Now that the project is underway, the disruption can become rather large depending on the scope of the remodel. Learn how to manage the potential stress of a project that’s underway.

Be a Good Neighbor: A professional remodeler goes out of their way to minimize any inconvenience to your neighbors, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be neighborly yourself. Learn more.

Home Maintenance: Finally, now that you’ve gone though the time, energy, and expense of upgrading your home you want to keep it in top shape. View some tips on keeping your home well maintained.
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