Contract Compliance Check List

We would like to take this opportunity to inform consumers of a new Law recently passed
by the State of New York concerning Remodeling and Home Improvement Contracts.
A written contract, complying with the following checklist is required if the
cost of the job, including all labor, services and materials to be supplied by
the contractor is more than $500.00. Multiple contracts between the same
parties, each under the $500.00 threshold are prohibited.

For your protection, make sure that each of the following is covered in a Remodeling or
Home Improvement Contract entered into after March 1, 1988.

  1. Name, address and telephone number of the contractor and license number, if
    applicable, of the contractor.
  2. Contract must be legible and written in plain English.
  3. Approximate or estimated date when the work will begin and when the work will be
    substantially completed, including a statement of contingencies that could
    materially change the completion date.
  4. Statement whether or not time is of the essence of the completion date.
  5.  Specific description of the work to be performed and the materials to be provided to the
    owner, including make, model number of any other identifying information.
  6. Consideration for the work and materials provided by the contractor must be specified (this
    means a specific cost or rate).
  7. Notification of the Lien laws.
  8. Notice that the contractor will use an escrow account or post bond for down payment
    advances on payments received prior to substantial completion and notice of a
    depository for escrow amounts.
  9. Notice of right of cancellation, including a cancellation form.
  10. Clear description of any other document incorporated in the contract.
  11. Signature of contractor, and signature of the owner and any other party to the contract.
  12. A copy of contract signed by contractor is furnished to the owner before any work
    is done.
  13. Any amendments to the contract also must be in writing and signed by both parties.
  14. A notice of the exclusion of unincorporated documents.